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Welcome to GCR Group's blog

Welcome to GCR Group's blog

Three years after the first GCR Group website, we are relaunching the site. We use the verb relaunch because this website is not completely new. As you will see, the image is quite the same as three years ago. However, some changes have been done.   


The most obvious change is this Blog. Rich communication, where ideas and opinions are shared, is a model that fits much more with the world we are living in. Social Networks success consists in the ability of sharing experiences and ideas as we noticed three years ago when we update our Social Networks (you can find us on LinkedIn and Twitter). Following this experience, this year we decided to create a channel where GCR Group could communicate in a more effective and direct way, which is this Blog. Here you will find all kind of information about environment, customer service, logistics, studies, our products and the plastic sector. We want to show you our vision.


But some other changes have been done. We launch a new Applications section, larger, more organized, with new applications and Ciclic and/or Granic solutions for each application. And we also present GCR Group's Mission, Vision and Values


New posts are coming! Meanwhile, you can visit our relaunched website.


Stay tuned.