GCR GROUP’s business activities are based on the design, development, manufacturing and commercialisation of mineral-filled compounds and masterbatches of virgin, recycled post-industrial or post-consumer polymers

Our environmental management system is developed in compliance with the current UNE-EN ISO 9001 and UNE-EN ISO 14001 standards in their entirety.


At GCR GROUP, competitiveness, research and development are the pillars that drive us in our aim to create a differential value for our organisation. Our enthusiasm and efforts are focused on developing environmentally-efficient products that meet the expectations and needs of the market and society. To this end, we comply with all applicable legal requirements regarding our products and our activities.


Quality and compliance with the commitments we have made are our strengths for achieving customer satisfaction. At GCR GROUP, we apply rigorous policies at all stages of product development and manufacturing to meet the technical and operational needs of our customers and other stakeholders. Quality and continuous improvement are the objectives of all our employees in the actions carried out each day. 


GCR GROUP believes in continuous investment in state-of-the-art equipment. Preventive maintenance plans are implemented on a regular basis, together with constant inspection of the manufacturing process to ensure compliance with the specifications defined by customers and the market, thus gaining their trust. Our suppliers are a key element in the development of our products and in our manufacturing process, helping us to meet our commitments. We therefore place great value on harmony and total cooperation in our relationships with suppliers.


The aim of the Environmental Management System Policy is to consolidate this reality, for which the following aspects are priority:


  1. Consolidate our position as a European leader in the sector
  2. Grow our service for the recovery of post-industrial polyethylene and polypropylene
  3. Continue to develop the market for high-quality recycled plastic products
  4. Maintain our leadership in the innovation of mineral-filled plastic additives by developing new products that are more sustainable and have better qualities
  5. Continue to be ecologically proactive by using products that are 100% recyclable and compatible with degradable agents, thus preventing pollution in all our manufacturing processes
  6. Encourage the use of our products in new applications
  7. Make customers aware of the social benefits of using our products; such as energy savings and reduced CO₂ emissions
  8. Minimise occupational risks and carry out continuous staff training as an essential way of maintaining and increasing our competitiveness
  9. Analyse processes and the environmental management system on an ongoing basis, with regard to objectives, targets and indicators, applying concepts and tools based on continuous improvement.


The environmental management system was developed under my supervision. The policies, procedures and practical details are described in the Integrated Manual, the Procedures Manual, the Good Manufacturing Practices Manual and their working instructions, in a simple and dynamic way.


Although the coordination and execution of the necessary actions is delegated to the System Management Department, the ultimate responsibility rests with me and, in this respect, I guarantee the human, technical and economic resources necessary for fulfilling these actions.                                


Jordi Sánchez

Deputy General Manager