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Raffia Trends

Raffia Trends

Raffia market changed a lot since it started to use calcium carbonate as an antifibrilant additive at very low dosing levels.


Machinery producers are delivering faster and faster equipment (>500 m/min on extruders and >1.000 ppm on the looms) and fabrics are getting lighter and lighter.


Nowadays the big challenge is to produce a high quality AntiFibrilant MasterBatch (AFMB) that could respond to customers desire to increase the dosing levels maintaining all the desired benefits without impairing negatively both on process and product integrity.


Commonly reported problems such as pressure increase, dust formation and reduced mechanicals are on the top of the main claims during AFMB dosing level increase.


Granic® carefully selects the most suitable resins and minerals (very fine and controlled particle size distribution) to compound them with our patented technology, Irtion®, with a pinch of additives and a lot of passion to deliver unparalleled performance Masterbatches.


Plain Woven sacks, Transparent Bags, Extrusion coated sacks, Extrusion laminated bags, FIBC, Leno Bags, and Tarpaulin are among many of the raffia applications where Granic® successfully delivered a higher dosing level and some of the below advantages:


  • Improved Mechanical properties
  • Higher process efficiency
  • TiO2 free white fabrics
  • No pressure increase
  • Less dust formation
  • Reduced costs